November 1-3, 2021
Dallas, TX

Christine Gorham

Director, Development
Caddis Healthcare Real Estate


Christine oversees executive project strategy and opportunity sourcing efforts for development, acquisitions, and management platforms. Her focus is on growing Caddis’ partnerships as well as the company’s portfolio.

With Christine’s 31 years in the healthcare industry, she is extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly understands the complexities which are present in the delivery of patient care. In addition to her last 20 years focused on real estate, Christine has medical operations in primary care, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, behavioral health facilities, rehabilitation facilities, home health services and VA hospitals. Further, she has been responsible for financial management facets to include third party insurance contracting, capitation contract management, billing/collection processes, DME procurement, training surgery center directors, and financial reporting for leadership teams. In her real estate capacities, she has asset managed, brokered/leased, construction managed, move managed, site programmed, and property managed. Prior to joining Caddis, she was CEO, Partner and Broker of Eastwood Real Estate Services, LLC, National Director of Asset Management for SRS Investments, LLC and spent a decade at Northside Hospital System in Atlanta, all making her a uniquely qualified healthcare real estate professional.


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