Cathy Demmitt

Director, Facility Management
BSA LifeStructures


As a registered architect, Cathy understands the many ways in which design can transform healing environments into supportive spaces that produce exceptional satisfactory and safety ratings. Having served in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, Cathy is rooted with the experience to lead some of the most complex and intensive facility projects. Her keen sense for strategy allows her to seamlessly integrate highly knowledgeable teams with the processes required for efficient outcomes. From discovery to delivery phases, Cathy’s leadership and skills recreate how designers, owners and communities experience healing environments.

Cathy Demmitt began interest in Healthcare with her Architecture Thesis at Ball State University. It was an OP surgery specialty center and MOB. She moved to Charlotte worked for large A/E firm in healthcare studio, from there she went to work for Charlotte Memorial Hospital and stayed 12 years during growth to Carolinas Healthcare System. She then went back to traditional Healthcare Architecture practice and is a licensed Architect.


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