Gary Frazier

OM Healthcare, Inc.


Gary Frazier is a disrupter and founder of OM Healthcare, Inc. a consumer health technology startup that bypasses the middle-man (insurance) to lower costs, bring transparency and improve access to a full continuum of care regardless of a person’s insurance status. With 20 years of business development experience and 15 years of hospital and health system strategy expertise, Gary is a thought leader in the new frontier of healthcare strategy, technology and innovation. His leadership and expertise are a resource for strategic business planning, public relations, growth strategy, marketing, integrated delivery systems, program development, mergers, acquisitions, physician networks and alignment strategy. He regularly lectures for the MHA program at USC’s School of Public Policy and has taught as an adjunct professor at Cal State Fullerton. A native of Compton CA he completed his undergraduate studies at Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson and earned his MBA from UC Irvine.


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