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Keynote Lunch: Achieving the Impossible

  • Room: Capitol Ballroom, Level 4
Thursday, May 11, 2017: 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM


Ben Saunders
World Record-Breaking Polar Explorer


"I am an explorer of limits—geographically, physically and mentally. It's about pure human endeavor, and the way in which I can inspire others to explore their own personal potential."  — Ben Saunders

Polar explorer Ben Saunders’ incredible feats of endurance challenge conventional wisdom and prove what can be accomplished through ambition, passion, and a refusal to quit.  Saunders has five North Pole expeditions under his belt and is best known for leading one of the most ambitious South Pole expeditions in a century. Showcasing spectacular visuals and funny stories, he’ll share the keys to staying motivated even through the toughest challenges, risks, and setbacks. Stating that “no one else is an authority on your potential” he unravels the mysterious roots of perseverance and shares insights about the traits we all possess that can allow us to tap into our deepest store of tenacity.


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